Delicious Kindness

Kamilya and Alsou’s parents are going to be at work until late. On such days the daughters are responsible for housework duties like grocery shopping and cooking dinner. The good news is that the girls have grown up already. Kamilya is in the seventh grade and Alsou is in the fourth grade at school.

Upon coming home from school, the girls had lunch, took the money their mother had left them, and went to the store. They bought bread, milk and some other groceries. Instead of getting ice-cream for the remaining money, as the girls had agreed to do at first, Kamilya decided to buy the biscuits that all the family members like. When Alsou found out she wouldn’t get the sweet treat she wanted, she got quite upset.

The girls headed towards their house. They didn’t go that far when Alsou saw something shining near the path. The girl approached it to see what it was, then realised it was a phone, and whooped with joy:

Sister, look, I found a phone!

Let me have a closer look... It’s still new. We need to return it to the owner, Kamilya said.

Oh no, sister, no! I won’t give it back! In our house I’m the only person who doesn’t have a mobile phone.

Alsou, my dear, you cannot do that. It’s not yours! – the sister said.

The girls decided to take the find back to the shop. When they were approaching the building, they saw Samat abyi who was walking towards them with agitation.

Girls, haven’t you a seen a phone around here?

We have. To be precise, Alsou has found it, – Kamilya said and handed the phone to the neighbour.

Samat abyi was deliriously happy. He said:

Girls, thank you so much! I bought it just recently. I must have dropped it somewhere here, so I returned to the store.

Kamilya and Alsou started walking towards their house. Just when they had reached their gates, Samat abiy came up with the girls and handed them the most delicious ice-cream from the store.

See, my dear, it’s good to do nice things, – Kamilya said.

Yes, sister, it turns out doing good things is also delicious, – Alsou replied happily.

By Kamilya Moustafina,

A student of Arsk Secondary School #6

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